Welcome to Mandarin Monkeys

Hong Kong singer Joyce Lee (李樂詩 ) and RTHK Radio talk show host/Director Crystal Kwok (郭錦恩) , both mothers, were interested to do something they were passionate about…. Music, Dance, Education and English/Mandarin Languages.

With the help of Eddie Chung (Drum Music) they created a fun upbeat song called “I Hate Veggies”.

As parents, we all know it’s such a big struggle to have them eat and enjoy healthy food.  So this is a fun way to introduce the subject. We allowed them to break carrots, snap beans, rip salad leaves and even smash tomatoes against a wall.  Not only did they have fun rapping and dancing, they were able to release their aggression by means of a very fun food fight!  Not only do they now recognize different types of vegetables in Mandarin, they even were pleasantly surprised at how sweet the organic carrots were and how juicy the cherry tomatoes can be.

We were fortunate to have Home Grown Foods sponsor all the organic vegetables in our video.

The music video showcases kids rapping, dancing and interviewing them on what vegetables they like and dislike, vocabulary, and other educational aspects in both Mandarin and English.

We hope kids will enjoy this video and make learning Mandarin more fun!