Crystal Kwok Biography

Crystal Kwok has her BA in theatre arts at UCLA and her MA at University of HK for Literary Studies.  Most known for her controversial talk show on Cable TV, she has tackled many sensitive and private issues about women and relationships.  She writes for magazine columns and has several books published.  Started out as a film actress, she quickly turned behind the scenes as a film and theatrical director.  Her debut film, “The Mistress” won the audience’s choice award at the Deauville Film Festival in 2000.   Furthering her exploration on Women’s issues, she wrote and staged two black comedies about the aging woman’s body, “Pussycat Theatre”.

After having three children, her interest turned towards educational projects, discovering a need for bilingual edutainment.  She co-founded “Culture Cubs”, an educational bilingual DVD series for young children.  Her latest production is another entertaining and educational venture to create bilingual music videos.

Since 2011, Crystal also has been hosting her own racey talk show on RTHK radio 3, “Kwoktalk”, exploring issues ranging from health, body, parenting, and relationship issues.


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