Veggie Facts


Did you know that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable? The rule of thumb is, anything with seeds is a fruit. But tomatoes are not usually sweet and we often use it to provide flavor to our dish, so we consider it a vegetable. The tomato originated in Mexico. Then Spanish explorers took it back to Europe. The French called them Love Apples, and the British called them apples of gold. Italians were the first people in Europe to eat tomatoes. They discovered that tomatoes tasted really good with pasta and cheese. Don’t you think Italians make the best pasta dishes?

In China, some people eat it as a dessert. If not sweet enough, they would dip it in a bowl of sugar and take a juicy bite out of it. Why don’t you try that some time. But if it is a truly organic tomato, it should be sweet enough to eat on its own. And it is so high in vitamins that you will feel healthier too!


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